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ATTIC saves 55 hours per month by enforcing billing guidelines

American Trucking and Transportation Insurance Company (ATTIC) had no system in place and no official process for invoice management. All bills submitted to ATTIC were paid – no questions asked. Because of this, there was little to no visibility into legal spend.

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After selecting SimpleLegal, ATTIC had a clear view of legal spend and was able to achieve:

  • 6% reduction in legal spend
  • 100% of law firms submitting invoices electronically into SimpleLegal
  • 55 hours in time savings from more efficient bill review


American Trucking and Transportation Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group was formed in 2002 after a large contingency of large motor carriers urged us to develop an innovative approach to providing commercial auto liability insurance. This group desired to create a strategic alliance of top safety-minded motor carriers to return more control of every aspect of their insurance program back to the motor carriers.

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