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Technology & automation enable YAI to scale with growth

Along with a lack of visibility around what was being spent, printed and email copies of invoices were being walked over to individual approvers at the Young Adult Institute (YAI), only to get lost in the shuffle. Time to pay invoices was beyond acceptable time frames, but there was no way to see the status of an invoice or hold involved stakeholders accountable. 

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YAI migrates 100% of their law firms to electronic billing with SimpleLegal and:

  • Cuts the time to pay bills in half, facilitating greater collaboration with legal
  • Introduces a system of record for the department to drive process cross-functional visibility into billing processes 
  • Provides instant access to reports that are leveraged by the GC and other business stakeholders 

About YAI

YAI has a team of over 4,000 employees and supports over 20,000 people in the I/DD community. This extraordinary growth shows the ongoing need for these important services, and YAI’s success in offering them. YAI supports people with autism, Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy, among others. Operating throughout Downstate New York and Northern New Jersey, YAI now offers more than 300 programs for people of all ages.

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