Sourcing legal services: breaking through the complexity

If you could get the same high-quality legal work completed by fewer law firms and vendors, wouldn’t you? It all comes down to how you source your legal services.

In this webinar, we'll analyze the legal services sourcing process, and offer strategies and best practices for selecting and fine-tuning your panel of firms. You’ll learn how to kick-off and track compliance for the governance process, as well as tips for negotiating with vendors and getting buy-in from peers and leadership.

Meet the speakers

  • Lizzie Shilliam - Office of the General Counsel, Chief of Staff and Legal Operations, Vanderbilt University
  • Sean Park - SVP of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, Acquis Consulting Group
  • Jason Winmill - Managing Partner, Argopoint Consulting
  • Nathan Wenzel - Founder, SimpleLegal


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