Webinar recording
From data to value: Why legal reporting is never really finished

Reporting is not a one and done effort. As legal departments evolve and mature, their reporting must evolve alongside. 

Learn why having the right reporting capabilities is instrumental for your department's growth, and why the most successful legal departments recognize that reporting is never really finished.

In this video, our panel of experts discuss:

  • The importance of tracking the right data and discussing legal tech features that actually make a difference
  • How to interpret and leverage data to drive strategic decisions 
  • What you can use now and how to plan the roadmap to your reporting future state
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Meet the speakers

Ali Aksoy

Senior Corporate Director, Enterprise Systems
Montage International

Elizabeth Shilliam

Chief of Staff
Vanderbilt University

Laura Bouffard

Data Analyst Legal Operations
Vanderbilt University

Yuriy Zaremba

General Manager