About this Webinar Recording

Legal industry leaders from IDC, Onit, and SimpleLegal share their insights on the evolution and future of the legal operations in this webinar recording. Watch now to learn how chief legal officers and legal ops professionals are digitally transforming the industry with process efficiencies, technology, and change management.

This webinar recording highlights:

  • The rise of the legal operations industry and how legal ops professionals can be agents of change
  • Market trends and the evolving legal technology landscape, and why it is critical for legal ops to be successful
  • The essential tool kit for companies looking to invest in legal ops
  • Seven predictions for the future of legal operations


Meet the Speakers

  • Ryan O’Leary, Senior Research Analyst | IDC, Legal, Risk, and Compliance
  • Eric M. Elfman, CEO | Onit
  • Nathan Wenzel, CEO | SimpleLegal