SimpleLegal Customers Save an Average of 8.4% in Legal Spend

With modern legal e-Billing solutions like SimpleLegal, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and bring organization to your spend management process. Our platform includes legal billing software that gives you end-to-end control of how your legal department manages invoices, budgets, accruals, and more.

SimpleLegal is a modern and intuitive e-Billing or legal billing software, providing:

  • A system of record for the legal department
  • Total visibility into spend to easily predict costs and allocate resources
  • Easy-to-setup invoice approval workflows – no more messy email chains!
  • Advanced reporting and data-rich dashboards
  • Insights into outside counsel performance
  • Integrations with finance and accounts payable (AP) systems

Achieve Fiscal Responsibility with SimpleLegal

The SimpleLegal Legal Operations Platform is more than a electronic legal billing tool for spend management. Learn more about our full product offering by filling out the form and downloading the SimpleLegal product datasheet.