About this Webinar Recording

Change is inevitable. But managing change effectively is not difficult and can go a long way towards ensuring that changes to the current state are completed successfully. 

As the link between multiple groups – finance, IT, and vendors to name a few – legal ops has a unique purview across planned initiatives within departments and around the organization. But what happens when there’s a change in the steady state, such as a new transformation initiative or global system deployment? What is the best way to address the change effectively, both internally and externally?

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Why change management is important
  • 5 key components needed for every change management plan
  • Tips and timeline for creating a change management plan
  • How to manage whether or not a plan was successful


Meet the Speakers

  • Stephanie Vallet-Sandre, Principal | Acquis Consulting Group
  • Sean Park, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing | Acquis Consulting Group
  • Joanna Sears, Sr. Director of Customer Experience | SimpleLegal